Site scheduling is critical when coordinating installation of roof piping with pipe stands. The building code requires the stands to be connected directly to the structure, and this can be a labor intensive and costly task if the roof membrane is already installed. Vibro-Acoustics' seismic pipe stands are designed with a removable pipe support strut to allow for quick and easy roof membrane installation.

SPS - Seismic Pipe Stands are uniquely designed to support the dead load, and provide enough strength to withstand at least 1 g of lateral seismic force. Various site conditions and applications have been considered in its design.

The SPSA - Adjustable Height Seismic Pipe Stands provide allowance for roof slopes and can also accommodate changing pipe sizes.

Design Considerations

Structure-Borne Vibration

Problem: Vibration can travel from unit through piping connected to equipment into the structure via the pipe supports.

Solution: Restrained spring isolators are recommended on the inlet and discharge piping until the vibration is dissipated. Depending on pipe size, this set-up usually requires 3 to 5 hangers on either side. Proper calculations should be performed for quantity and locations of the hangers. These need to be placed on the top of the pipe stands to minimizes short circuiting isolators

Seismic Requirements

Problem: Forces are determined by a number of factors including: project location, site class, risk category, component importance factor and equipment location equipment relative to the overall height of the building.

Solution: Certified restraint and anchorage calculations must be submitted to verify loading conditions are met for each run of pipe.

Problem: Horizontal and vertical seismic forces are applied at the center of gravity of the pipe(s). The resulting overturning moment creates tension and shear forces on that stand anchors that can be very large.

Solution: Properly designed anchorage of pipe stands to be performed. Restrained spring isolators when vibration isolators are required.

Problem: Structural attachment may have limited capacity or be difficult to attach.

Solution: Custom designed anchorage to be used for various structural types. Roof typically suffers from thin or no deck or trusses. Contact Vibro-Acoustics for further information.

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